Our Burbank Medical Spa Is A One-Stop Wellness Destination

As one of the top Burbank doctors, holistic cardiologist, Dr.Cynthia Thaik, and her team work to transform patients from their cores by providing body, mind, spirit, and soul wellness plans for healthy, joyful living. Her practice offers cardiovascular consultation, stress (ischemia) evaluation, risk-factors assessment and treatment, primary care services, weight-loss and nutritional counseling, and stress reduction methods including hypnotherapy, guided meditation, and Reiki or energy healing.  In short, Dr. Thaik blends the best of both Western and Eastern medicine.

The patient experience is far removed from sterile or rushed visits. Instead, Dr. Cynthia and her team take the time to get to know patients, allowing personalized and thoughtful care.  Guided by the holistic cardiologist approach, patients create a purposeful vision of their life and health. They learn how to align the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of their life in order to achieve both health and life goals.

The practice of a holistic cardiologist understands that the heart is more than just a muscle. Dr. Thaik looks at both the numbers and the person.

Please explore the array of specialized services Dr. Cynthia and her team provide at their Burbank and Valencia locations.