Dr. Cynthia’s Philosophy

The true power of healing – of making our beings whole – exists in each and every one of us. – Dr. Cynthia

The heart is the most magnificent organ in the body. It is the life-giving source of blood to each cell and every organ. The fast pace of today’s world makes it more crucial than ever to understand that the heart is more than just a physical organ, but also a manifestation of your mental and spiritual health.

Uniting Eastern and Western practices, Harvard-trained holistic cardiologist Dr. Cynthia Thaik, MD and her staff have made it their objective to keep their patients’ hearts healthy and vibrant – in its truest definition. Sometimes the road to health means changing long-held habits, but Dr. Cynthia and her team greet such challenges with compassion and focus. Their motto is, “If you’re willing to commit to a healthier life, than we are here to help you”.

Dr. Cynthia’s practice blends the best of both Western and Eastern medicine. As one of the best holistic doctors Los Angeles has to offer, Dr. Thaik treats the whole person to provide complete health solutions.  She and her team promise to do their absolute best to bring your daily health and wellness to the next level.