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Who We Are

“Who We Are” by Keith Richmond Perchance to sleep, perchance to dream, when wishes are not all that they seem, you see, it is when


“Healing” by Keith Richmond The healing we are capable of, from spirit living in our Love, is medicine strong enough to start, to close the

Spiraling Love

“Spiraling Love” by Keith Richmond With the miracle of the nourished heart, comes a reverie our soul can now impart, for the exchange that has


“Limitless” by Keith Richmond Our mind’s potential is in question, in current press and lore, it is said it’s often barren, and so very possible

Oh My Aching Heart

Pola is 53, extremely fit, engages in a 30-40 minute cardio workout daily, and predominant eats vegetarian except for fish.  Her cholesterol is perfect and

Start Walking!

Heart Benefits of Walking Patsy Cline went out walking after midnight to ease her aching heart. Although it might not have had the outcome Patsy

Brain Signal

When Your Brain Speaks: Listen Your physical body speaks to you quite regularly. It tells you when you are tired or hungry and when you

Say Thank You and Become Well

Did you know that you can improve your health by saying thank you? Giving thanks is common to every culture. People give thanks before meals

Welcome To Dr. Cynthia

Dr. Cynthia is a Harvard-educated cardiologist transforming clients at the core with body, mind, spirit & soul wellness plans for healthy, joyful living.