A Workout For Your Face

A Workout For Your Face

By Cynthia Thaik, M.D., FACC

Have you heard of the latest trend to prevent wrinkles, facial yoga?

As we age, our skin begins to show it. Wrinkles are just a natural part of life that most of us try to prevent or delay. Ancient Egyptians used castor, sesame, and moringa oils to fight wrinkles. In the 21st century, we have access to a wide variety of science-backed procedures and skincare for preventing and fighting wrinkles.

Wrinkles form because we use the muscles in our face to smile, frown, squint and chew many times throughout the day. Facial wrinkles are common in both older and younger adults. As people get older, their skin gets thinner, drier, and less elastic, and less able to protect itself from damage. Depending on your genetics, your environment, and your exposure to certain elements, you may develop wrinkles earlier in life, while others can avoid wrinkles until a more advanced age.

Researchers have also found many ways to help fight against our body’s natural aging process. One of which is Botox, an acetylcholine release inhibitor and a neuromuscular blocking agent which fills in wrinkles and gives a temporary improvement in appearance.

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Looking for other ways to fight wrinkles? Research shows that facial exercises which can be done at home may improve your overall skin elasticity.


What is Facial Yoga?

Facial yoga is a form of exercise that helps build and strengthen your facial muscles for a smooth and toned appearance. Sometimes known as “face lift exercises,” or “face workout,” facial yoga is based on the premise that repetition of specific facial motions and exaggerated expressions works out the muscles in your face.

Just like the muscles in your body, if you consistently work out your facial muscles you are bound to see the effects over time. Giving yourself fuller cheeks and tighter skin can make your face look younger, and facial “yoga” is believed to do just that. Although this concept has been around for a while, facial yoga has recently started to trend. Brands such as Happy Face Yoga and FaceXercise are some of the leaders in the facial exercise market. Facial yoga brands such as KokoFaceYoga have even made their way onto the show Shark Tank.

fight wrinkles facial yoga exercises

How does Facial Yoga work?

Facial yoga helps is throught to strengthen the facial muscles allowing your face to be firmer, toned, and as a result shaped like a younger face. But does facial yoga really work? To test this out, Northwestern University conducted a study in 2018. Participants  were women between 40 to 65 years of age. At the end of the 12 week trial, researchers found that the women gained significant cheek muscle, giving them a fuller lower and upper cheek making them look younger. Participants also noted improvement in all facial areas and were very happy with the results.

Common Facial Exercises to Prevent Wrinkles

  • To target forehead wrinkles, widen your eyes as much as you can and hold that pose until your eyes are watering. This works out the muscles around your eyes and forehead.
  • To work on your chin and neck, lift your chin facing upwards and place the tip of your tongue on the roof in the roof of your mouth. Smile and then swallow to avoid sagging
  • To fight against crows feet, place your fingers on the outer corners of your eyes for slight pressure and try only lifting your lower lids and no other facial muscles.
  • To strengthen your cheek muscles, inhale a deep breath and puff up your cheeks like you are blowing a balloon.
  • To target the smile lines close to your nose for fuller looking cheeks, place your fingers gently on the crease between your lips and your nose and apply light pressure. Smile with your teeth showing and lift your top lip to work out those muscles.

What Is Preventative Botox?

While a “workout for your face” appears to be effective for those who practice it regularly and consistently, there are other proven methods that produce smoother skin in a short amount of time. Botox works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles, causing muscles to be unable to contract. This allows wrinkles to relax and soften giving people a younger appearance. These effects last for 4-6 months as the muscles will gradually regain movement. Although wrinkles will start to reappear, they will come back less defines as the muscles are being trained to relax.

Clients are ranging from their mid 20’s to early 30’s and are coming in for preventative Botox treatments. Preventative Botox is used to target specific areas where earliest sign of resting wrinkles occur. By treating them early, you are training the facial muscles to relax so the wrinkles don’t start to stick.

If you are someone who tends to furrow their brows or purse your lips on a daily basis, you are most likely to start seeing lines on your face in your early 20’s. By using preventative Botox treatments, you can train your face to forget your go-to wrinkle causing expressions. This treatment helps relax the muscles that are pulling in a specific direction that causes wrinkles, while strengthening the muscles pulling in the opposite direction which fights against your body’s natural aging process. Preventative Botox treatments can help you achieve smoother, younger-looking skin in the long run.

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